Stray Rats x New Balance 990v3

244.99 ლარი

The last time we saw Miami’s Stray Rats team up with the Boston footwear giant New Balance was in September of 2018 when the two released their extremely limited edition 990v3 “Alternate”. Building upon a black base layer with rich purple and green suede overlays, the luxurious look has been extremely hard to come by ever since. Luckily, the two have collaborated once again on the legendary 990v3, appropriately titled the “Alternate 2”. While the new look hardly differs from the original, although swapping out the black base layers for New Balance’s classic grey tones makes this pair feel a little more accessible. This is technically a second chance at the original, though Stray Rats has hinted heavily that these will be as limited, if not more, than the originals from last year.

New Balance
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