New Balance 5740 'Sea Salt'

234.99 ლარი

The 57/40 is the long-awaited update to one of New Balance’s most iconic silhouettes, the 574. A hybrid road/trail design, the original 574 delivered effortless versatility, of which this new variation harnesses to perfection. The 57/40 offers a fresh perspective on a storied design, featuring a sleeker overall build and an array of exaggerated features like a stacked midsole that blends classic and updated design language. Tech-inspired details point to the 1990s, while the wavy embellishments of the mudguard and eyebrow, specifically, are a direct nod to the 1980s. We may very well have another future classic on our hands with the 57/40, so you should act accordingly and snag yourself a pair right away.

New Balance
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