New Balance 1906R White Black

264.99 ლარი
As the 1906R settles into the New Balance range, it begins to receive colourways that are stepping further away from the path laid out by the OG. Because the 1906 was so short-lived, we never got to see many different versions so over a decade later it's fun to see what might have been. This M1906RR keeps things simple, with uppers retaining the same material makeup as the originals. The mesh is a double-layered affair with hints of navy in the base. It may look similar to the OG, but mega nerds will note the slight differences. There's accents in navy blue, which include the NLOCK system and heel counter. Red also features on this pair, with the forefoot insert and N-ERGY pads both sporting a little bit of rouge. The final touch of detail is the vintage white midsole which does just enough to break up the white.

New Balance
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