Dr.martens 1460 smooth Leather Ankle Dark Green Boots

254.99 ლარი

At first glance, Dr. Martens’ Bex boot looks like the classic 1460 with its smooth leather upper and vibrant yellow stitching. The difference is subtle, but it’s all in the sole. Rather than the usual AirWair™ sole, an elevated version adds extra bulk and lift to an already rebellious model.

ზომების ცხრილი
EUR ზომა US ზომა US W ზომა UK ზომა სანტიმეტრები
EUR-36 US-4 5 UK-3 22.0
EUR-37 US-5 6 UK-4 23.0
EUR-38 US-6 7 UK-5 23.5
EUR-39 US-7 8 UK-6 24.5
EUR-40 US-7.5 8.5 UK-6.5 25.0
EUR-41 US-8 9 UK-7 25.5
EUR-42 US-9 10 UK-8 26.0
EUR-43 US-10 11 UK-9 27.0
EUR-44 US-10.5 - UK-9.5 27.5
EUR-45 US-11- UK-10 28.0

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