Rick Owens x Adidas Mastodon Black

289.99 ლარი

Rick Owens has been slowly building his collaborations with adidas. This past year alone has seen the launch of such eye-popping shoes as the “Clog,” a “Mastodon” and a nearly unrecognizable update to the sportswear giant’s classic “Superstar.” But now the duo have kicked their partnership into high gear with the debut of their FW16 collection. In short, it's as exactly as wild you would expect a full Rick Owens and adidas line to be.

The collection consists of three different silhouettes in several colorway options. First up is the previously released “Mastodon” in a “Pro” edition, which features a two-tone premium leather upper and a cupsole and shell toe of the OG model that takes it to its illogical extreme. Next comes another spin on the “Mastodon” via the “Stretch Boot,” which takes the blueprint of the “Mastodon” and stitches on an enormous stretch leather upper all the way up to the kneecap.

The collection is finished off with another stretch boot: a similar construction the “Mastodon” version but one that stitches a thigh-high leather upper onto the adidas “Runner,” all on top of a serrated rubber sole.

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FR ზომა US ზომა US W UK ზომა სანტიმეტრები
US-3.5 US-4.5 UK-3 21.5
FR-36 US-4 US-5 UK-3.5 22.0
FR-36 ⅔
US-4.5 US-5.5 UK-4 22.5
FR-37 US-5 US-6 UK-4.5 23.0
FR-38 US-5.5 US-6.5 UK-5 23.5
FR-38 ⅔
US-6 US-7 UK-5.5 24.0
US-6.5 US-7.5 UK-6 24.5
FR-40 US-7 US-8 UK-6.5 25.0
FR-40 ⅔
US-7.5 US-8.5 UK-7 25.5
US-8 US-9 UK-7.5 26.0
FR-42 US-8.5 US-9.5 UK-8 26.5
FR-42 ⅔
US-9 US-10 UK-8.5 27.0
US-9.5 US-10.5 UK-9 27.5
FR-44 US-10 US-11 UK-9.5 28.0
FR-44 ⅔
US-10.5 US-11.5 UK-10 28.5
US-11 US-12 UK-10.5 29.0

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