Melting Sadness x Adidas Forum Low

274.99 ლარი

Zhang Quan’s brand Melting Sadness has teamed up with adidas to bring to us two unique interpretations of the adidas Forum Low.

Shown below, the Melting Sadness x adidas Forum Low collaboration has both dressed in a DIY patchwork-like aesthetic constructed out of an array of materials. Some of the standout design details include the chrome studs on the Three Stripes, the co-branded tongue tags, insoles, and heel swatches with tack stitching throughout. Another notable feature comes by way of the lateral side Three Stripes branding that are tacked on to the sneaker, rather than stitched/glued on. Corduroy tongues and overlays and tonal Trefoil branding on the on the lateral ankle round out the main features of the sneaker.

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ზომების ცხრილი
FR ზომა US ზომა US W UK ზომა სანტიმეტრები
US-3.5 US-4.5 UK-3 21.5
FR-36 US-4 US-5 UK-3.5 22.0
FR-36 ⅔
US-4.5 US-5.5 UK-4 22.5
FR-37 US-5 US-6 UK-4.5 23.0
FR-38 US-5.5 US-6.5 UK-5 23.5
FR-38 ⅔
US-6 US-7 UK-5.5 24.0
US-6.5 US-7.5 UK-6 24.5
FR-40 US-7 US-8 UK-6.5 25.0
FR-40 ⅔
US-7.5 US-8.5 UK-7 25.5
US-8 US-9 UK-7.5 26.0
FR-42 US-8.5 US-9.5 UK-8 26.5
FR-42 ⅔
US-9 US-10 UK-8.5 27.0
US-9.5 US-10.5 UK-9 27.5
FR-44 US-10 US-11 UK-9.5 28.0
FR-44 ⅔
US-10.5 US-11.5 UK-10 28.5
US-11 US-12 UK-10.5 29.0

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