Bape x Timberland Chukka Boot

324.99 ლარი

The Premium Waterproof Chukka Boot sees BAPE's signature camouflage print all-over, and incorporates the footwear label's recognizable "Wheat" color. The tongue is finished off with co-branded patches, and the lateral boasts BAPE's BAPE STA logo in dark brown leather. The perfect marriage of functionality and streetwear, the collaborative take on the iconic boot is timeless with a twist.

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Size Chart
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35 EUR-36 US-4 UK-3.5 22.0
36 EUR-37.5 US-5 UK-4.5 23.5
37 EUR-38 US-5.5 UK-5 24.0
38 EUR-39 US-6.5 UK-6 24.5
39 EUR-40 US-7 UK-6 25.0
40 EUR-41 US-8 UK-7 26.0
41 EUR-42 US-8.5 UK-7.5 26.5
42 EUR-43 US-9.5 UK-8.5 27.5
43 EUR-44 US-10 UK-9 28.0
44 EUR-45 US-11 UK-10 29.0

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