Travis Scoot x Nike Air Max 1 Beige

274.99 ლარი

Travis Scott has cemented himself as one of the most important product collaborators of this generation, especially when it comes to the realm of footwear as every single colorway he rolls out sells out instantly and resells for astronomical (pun intended) prices. And to close out 2021 with a bang, the Houston-born artist is increasing his output with the Swoosh with the release of various Cactus Jack x Nike Air Max 1 colorways, one of which is the “Wheat” iteration that has just been revealed through official imagery. Of all of La Flame’s AM 1 colorways that are on deck, this specific installment is definitely the brightest in appearance. A pale yellow tone serves as the focal point as it dresses up the mesh base, nubuck overlays, tongues, interior lining and the reversed Swooshes that come textured with a canvas material. Black and brown checkered accents adorn the straps that loop through the heels as well as the laces, and brown branded flags on the heels alternate between Nike and Cactus Jack hits. More branding arrives by way of a new Travis logo that graces the tongues as well as another Cactus Jack logo which drops off on the left shoe’s insole. Check out a closer look here above and note that these are slated to release on December 16 likely via SNKRS and other retailers.

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ქართული ზომა EUR US MAN US WMN UK სანტიმეტრი
34 EUR-35 US-3 USW-4.5 UK-2.5 22.0
34.5 EUR-35.5 US-3.5 USW-5 UK-3 22.5
35 EUR-36 US-4 USW-5.5 UK-3.5 23.0
35.5 EUR-36.5 US-4.5 USW-6 UK-4 23.5
36-36.5 EUR-37.5 US-5 USW-6.5 UK-4.5 23.5
37 EUR-38 US-5.5 USW-7 UK-5 24.0
37.5 EUR-38.5 US-6 USW-7.5 UK-5.5 24.0
38 EUR-39 US-6.5 USW-8 UK-6 24.5
39 EUR-40 US-7 USW-8.5 UK-6 25.0
39.5 EUR-40.5 US-7.5 USW-9 UK-6.5 25.5
40 EUR-41 US-8 USW-9.5 UK-7 26.0
41 EUR-42 US-8.5 USW-10 UK-7.5 26.5
41.5 EUR-42.5 US-9 USW-10.5 UK-8 27.0
42 EUR-43 US-9.5 USW-11 UK-8.5 27.5
43 EUR-44 US-10 USW-11.5 UK-9 28.0
43.5 EUR-44.5 US-10.5 USW-12 UK-9.5 28.5
44 EUR-45 US-11 USW-12.5 UK-10 29.0
44.5 EUR-45.5 US-11.5 USW-13 UK-10.5 29.5
45 EUR-46 US-12 USW-13.5 UK-11 30.0
46 EUR-47 US-12.5 USW-14 UK-11.5 30.5
46.5 EUR-47.5 US-13 USW-14.5 UK-12 31.0

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