Nike Blazer Low Medicom Toy

224.99 ლარი

After its beginnings on the parquet floor as basketball shoes, the Blazers made the leap into the world of skateboarding. With their unmistakable silhouette, they left an indelible mark on that culture. MEDICOM TOY has made a name for itself globally in a similar way: going far beyond the borders of its Japanese base to make a lasting mark on the worlds of art, music, sneakers and toys. Nike SB and MEDICOM have collaborated on several occasions. Inspired by the black faux fur Air Force 1 High released in 2010, their latest collaboration used similar resources to pay tribute to the famous BE @ RBRICK brand from MEDICOM. In addition to the logos on the tongue and side heel, the design also incorporates black contrasts on the heel tab. The inner sole with the two markings and abstract illustrations completes this collectible collaboration.

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35 EUR-36 US-4 UK-3.5 23
35.5 EUR-36.5 US-4.5 UK-4 23.5
36-36.5 EUR-37.5 US-5 UK-4.5 23.5
37 EUR-38 US-5.5 UK-5 24.0
37.5 EUR-38.5 US-6 UK-5.5 24.0
38 EUR-39 US-6.5 UK-6 24.5
39 EUR-40 US-7 UK-6 25.0
39.5 EUR-40.5 US-7.5 UK-6.5 25.5
40 EUR-41 US-8 UK-7 26.0
41 EUR-42 US-8.5 UK-7.5 26.5
41.5 EUR-42.5 US-9 UK-8 27.0
42 EUR-43 US-9.5 UK-8.5 27.5
43 EUR-44 US-10 UK-9 28.0
43.5 EUR-44.5 US-10.5 UK-9.5 28.5
44 EUR-45 US-11 UK-10 29.0
45 EUR-46 US-12 UK-11 30.0

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