Draymond Green X Converse G4 Hyper Swarm PE

269.99 ლარი

Influenced by his unique style, Draymond Green’s iteration of the Converse G4 opts for a Orange/Yellow upper offset by the Black accents found throughout. Fit for Draymond Green’s dynamic playing style, the Converse G4 is made for players blessed with explosive on-court play with the help of the Nike React foam technology in the heel and Nike Zoom in the forefoot.

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ქართული ზომა EUR ზომა US ზომა US WMNსანტიმეტრი
34 EUR-35 US-3 US-5 22.0
35 EUR-36 US-3.5 US-5.5 22.5
35.5 EUR-36.5 US-4 US-6 23.0
36.5 EUR-37.5 US-5 US-7 24.0
37 EUR-38 US-5.5 US-7.5 24.5
38 EUR-39 US-6 US-8 24.5
38.5 EUR-39.5 US-6.5 US-8.5 25.0
39 EUR-40 US-7 US-9 25.5
40 EUR-41 US-7.5 US-9.5 26.0
40.5 EUR-41.5 US-8 US-10 26.5
41 EUR-42 US-8.5 US-10.5 27.0
41.5 EUR-42.5 US-9 US-11 27.5
42 EUR-43 US-9.5 US-11.5 28.0
43 EUR-44 US-10 US-12 28.5

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