Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 "Sun"

289.99 ლარი

The adidas Yeezy Boost 700 ‘Sun’ treats the lifestyle runner to a lively color scheme that accentuates the silhouette’s multi-layered build. The majority of the mesh and leather upper is rendered in varying shades of yellow, contrasted by a black suede overlay that extends to mesh forefoot panels in blue and teal. A clashing coral finish is applied to the bulky midsole, featuring full-length drop-in Boost cushioning for a smooth ride. Underfoot, a herringbone rubber outsole delivers optimal grip.

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    34 FR-35
    US-3.5 US-4.5 UK-3 21.5
    35 FR-36 US-4 US-5 UK-3.5 22.0
    35.5 FR-36 ⅔
    US-4.5 US-5.5 UK-4 22.5
    36 FR-37 US-5 US-6 UK-4.5 23.0
    37 FR-38 US-5.5 US-6.5 UK-5 23.5
    37.5 FR-38 ⅔
    US-6 US-7 UK-5.5 24.0
    38 FR-39
    US-6.5 US-7.5 UK-6 24.5
    39 FR-40 US-7 US-8 UK-6.5 25.0
    39.5 FR-40 ⅔
    US-7.5 US-8.5 UK-7 25.5
    40 FR-41
    US-8 US-9 UK-7.5 26.0
    41 FR-42 US-8.5 US-9.5 UK-8 26.5
    41.5 FR-42 ⅔
    US-9 US-10 UK-8.5 27.0
    42 FR-43
    US-9.5 US-10.5 UK-9 27.5
    43 FR-44 US-10 US-11 UK-9.5 28.0
    43.5 FR-44 ⅔
    US-10.5 US-11.5 UK-10 28.5
    44 FR-45
    US-11 US-12 UK-10.5 29.0

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