Nike Phantom GX Elite FG "Blaze"

219.99 ლარი

Take your custom gameplay to the next level with the Phantom Phantom Elite in yellow. Certainly the right decision - the cam soccer shoe from Nike, which was presented in February 2023. The soccer shoe is excellent for playing on dry grass fields. The internal lacing provides you with strength and stability. Players of all positions will be able to perform wonderfully with this shoe thanks to its cam sole. This makes the natural grass shoe your incomparable companion. We recommend Phantom Phantom Elite, which will become your new daily companion. A high durability, a high speed and an optimal grip are offered to you. You too can put your trust in the shoes from the Phantom Phantom Elite series from Nike, which ensure you optimal performance thanks to their great quality and many features. The internationally established sporting goods manufacturer, founded in 1971, offers you a wonderful high-end model with the Swoosh.


FG boots (Firm Gound Boots) - კარგი ხარისხის ბუნებრივი საფარისთვის

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EUR ზომა US ზომა UK ზომა სანტიმეტრები
EUR-36 US-4 UK-3.5 23
EUR-36.5 US-4.5 UK-4 23.5
EUR-37.5 US-5 UK-4.5 23.5
EUR-38 US-5.5 UK-5 24.0
EUR-38.5 US-6 UK-5.5 24.0
EUR-39 US-6.5 UK-6 24.5
EUR-40 US-7 UK-6 25.0
EUR-40.5 US-7.5 UK-6.5 25.5
EUR-41 US-8 UK-7 26.0
EUR-42 US-8.5 UK-7.5 26.5
EUR-42.5 US-9 UK-8 27.0
EUR-43 US-9.5 UK-8.5 27.5
EUR-44 US-10 UK-9 28.0
EUR-44.5 US-10.5 UK-9.5 28.5
EUR-45 US-11 UK-10 29.0
EUR-46 US-12 UK-11 30.0

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